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Cryptoart is a branch of digital art, and for some years it has been a real artistic current. The world of cryptoart concerns a very recent market, not very regulated, but which is slowly moving towards a more mature phase. Its scope is very broad and of international significance: the figure of the artist changes, who becomes his own manager, and the approach to art changes. The desire to experiment with the languages ​​and poetics of art with new methods and expressions is revitalized The cryptoart exploits the blockchain mechanism and thus creates NFT (encrypted file that contains the metadata that identify the owner and describe the "work" linked to the NFT) An NFT is non-fungible token, or non-divisible virtual objects that can only have a unique relationship with the work they represent, a bit like an ID, or comparable to certifications or authentic in the world of physical art. This apparently complex mechanism involves the traceability of each NFT that is exchanged. To buy cryptoart I need to have a wallet, a digital wallet based on Ethereum, for example Metamask. Why buy cryptoart? For investment, collecting or the desire to own a work. The cryptoart in the future will be usable on monitors that will act as real paintings. Among the most successful NFTs we certainly remember: the "cryptokittens" that gave rise to the NFT phenomenon date back to 2017 the popular GIF of the "nyan cat" sold last February for $ 587,000; a digital work by Mike "Beeple" Winkelmann (a collection of 5,000 content uploaded in as many days) was recently sold by Christie's, the largest auction house in the world, for $ 69 million; The Kings of Leon musical group has sold many copies of the album "NFT Yourself", which includes a limited edition vinyl, artwork and digital edition, for a total of $ 2 million; After a two-week auction, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as Nft - which stands for Non-fungible token, a blockchain-based token that determines ownership of a computer work - for the sum of $ 2,915,835.72. Canadian artist Krista Kim sold the world's first digital home in the form of an NFT for $ 500,000. Thanks to the evolution of Augmented Reality, this digital property can become a virtual place where people can socialize.
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