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Hive Ice-Cream was born from the digital elaboration of Salvatore Zito's late 90s physical work from his "light thorny sticks" collection. A tempera on paper depicts a beehive-shaped ice cream;using the digital media, bees fully express their nature through sound and movement. The freedom to move within the art scene allows them to interact with the work of which they construct a clear predominant sign: the bees, guardians of sweetness, do not let anyone near. The inviting sweetness of a honey ice cream therefore becomes a dream: the buzz and movement of the hardworking bees prevents anyone from ruining its appearance; they create a sweet, inviting, honeyed imaginary, but at the same time they preserve it by dissuading anyone from ruining its perfection. Bees protect and preserve beauty, not only in this work but also on our planet.

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